What are Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers?

Viper Security Services is the leading provider of rapid deployment CCTV towers and monitoring services. With a national workforce of highly trained and SIA licenced operators engaged on contracts designed to enure the protection of your premises.

Rapid installation times are dependant upon the chosen power source. Generally you can be running in a matter of minutes. The need for 24 hour ongoing surveillance systems has never been greater. Rapid-deployment CCTV Towers are specifically designed to provide all-in-one site security for temporary sites such as construction, demolition and highways infrastructure projects. These towers provide a visible deterrent, helping to prevent trespass on to your sites before they occur. As truly rapid deployment solutions they can be installed and operational in a matter of minutes.

A Robust Security Solution for Your Business or Site

We use the Telescopic Mast solution to ensure that our product delivers the very best in high security rapid deployment that will remain where it is supposed to be.
• Telescopic built in mast extends up to 6m high
• Electronic hoist
• 100 x 100 x 232 cm (w x d x h) weight 452kg
• Cable protection track included
• Vandal proof and two lockable doors
• Steel cable mast head stabilisers
• Extendible feet for added stability
• Brackets for cameras, aerials, dvr’s and solar panels

Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower - Key Features

Rapid deployment CCTV tower availble to anywhere in the UK
Mains, Battery, Solar or Hymera Powered Options
Proactive protection and monitoring
Provided built and delivered for ease and speed
Thermal Imaging Option
Innovative Deep Learning Technology
CE Certified & Environmentally friendly
High visibility to act as a deterrent
150Amp/hr battery, giving up to 72 hours backup
Up to 75% cheaper than manned-guarding

Configure Your Tower in 4 Simple Steps

The Rapid Deployment Tower can be stand-alone or connected to multiple CCTV towers to give you full site protection.

The tower can have up to 4 static cameras and 1 high speed dome. Users can choose from a variety of these cameras for their tower.

Depending on the number of cameras you have configured, you will need either a 4 or 8 channel recorder.

Choose from Mains, Battery, Solar or Hymera Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator to power you Rapid Deployment Tower.

Deep Learning

Utilising Deep Learning technology within the rapid deployment unit brings to life a number of exciting features that, when deployed, can powerfully enhance your site security. Deep Learning radically advances false alarm filtering by accurately and reliably identifying people and vehicles, ensuring you receive only the events that matter. Deep Learning provides a much improved approach and traditional video analytics. Unlike these methods that simply look for changes in pixel values, Deep Learning utilises multi-layer neural networks of It then uses pixel values, edges, vector shapes and a host of other visual elements to recognise the objects. The result is a system that will alarm only when an object of interest is in view, with vastly superior accuracy than traditional video analytics.

Deep Learning moves away from simply providing on site security to monitor assets. Now you can identify who is visiting your site by facial recognition or number plate capture. Furthermore you can choose who is permitted on site by scheduled events and only allow access to those who are on your approved list. Events such as ‘non compliance to PPE’, ‘speeding’ or ‘fallen person’ can be sent immediately to a site manager for appraisal ensuring that events do not go unchecked.


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