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Videofied is a Deterrent System used throughout Wigan!

videofied security deterrent system englandToday, there is a burglary every 2 minutes, and that’s not counting robberies and hold-ups! Don’t wait for crooks to break your doors and windows: the Videofied system protects and deters BEFORE the break-in occurs!

If intruders attempt to enter your property via your yard, terrace or garden, Videofied security cameras will detect their presence, film them and notify your UK security monitoring station of the danger and the reality of the intrusion. Sirens and outdoor sirens with flashing lights are other security deterrence features of the alarm system.

By creating a surprise effect, the triggering of the sirens will deter the intruders and alert your neighbours. The siren’s powerful flashing light makes it easy to locate the source of the alarm. If you are looking for wireless cctv in wigan, we have the answer with Videofied.

In order to be as effective as possible, a CCTV camera must be set up in a way that captures as much of the construction site as possible, so that any potential threat is detected immediately. You will normally find that a camera which is positioned higher up can capture a wider area, whilst also being harder to sabotage by would-be criminals.

An expert security service provider will be able to help with this, ensuring placement is appropriate so as to avoid any obstructions and blind spots.

Check out some of the Videofied applications here: https://www.videofied.com/uk/products/#detection-bloc

Just because your camera captures the perfect, unobstructed view when initially installed, does not mean it will be like that forever, particularly on an ever-changing construction site. As such, forward planning is recommended, taking into account how the project will physically progress as time goes on.

Choosing a location with progress in mind will help to avoid the unnecessary cost and hassle of camera reinstallation at a later date. We can help you with any questions you may have regarding wireless cctv for your business or home in Wigan.

Videofied Wireless CCTV Intruder Detection System UK - Monitored All Weather CCTV for Construction Sites and Businesses

Videofied Wireless CCTV Intruder Detection System UK – Monitored All Weather CCTV for Construction Sites and Businesses

Reinforce your outdoor perimeter with Videofied cctv cameras!

The outdoor Videofied system alerts:

  • The monitoring station by sending a video of the intrusion in real time.
  • The police who is notified as soon as the monitoring station verfies the video.
  • The owner(s) of the protected site, who are sent the video via e-mail or to their GSM phone.
  • Neighbours via the outdoor siren and flashing light.

All of this happens BEFORE the break-in occurs!

Videofied is a wireless intruder alarm system with integrated video verification. Upon activation of the PIR a video clip is sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operator who can generate an urgent response to a genuine crime in progress and discount costly false alarms.

We have indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with day/night visibility, and Videofied is completely wirefree. Battery life for all devices, including the control panel, is up to 4 years. A variety of control panels is available for single (GPRS) or dual path communication (GPRS/IP) back to the ARC.

The system provides an added value offering for commercial and residential applications, and a solution for sites where there is no mains power, e.g. temporary sites, void properties, construction sites, and general outdoor applications.

Where can you use Videofied wireless CCTV?

Videofied is proven for protecting remote sites, outdoor locations and assets in harsh environments. We protect cell towers in the heat of the Arizona desert and oil wells during the cold winters of Alberta. Videofied is equally suited for interior residential and commercial applications. Videofied can be used anywhere security is needed: as an upgrade to existing security or standalone.

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