Construction site security and commercial monitored CCTV systems

The smarter way to protect your construction site, building site and remote/temporary sites, 24 hours a day

Advanced site solutions, aligned with best-in-class service & response, to mitigate risk, prevent crimeimprove safety and minimize the costs of insurance and replacement of goods or building materials etc.

At Viper Security we specialize in tailor-made solutions for protecting large and remote sites, across a range of industries including:

As certified security suppliers and installers, we understand how important it is to deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising on protection.

All our security products are made, tried and tested in the UK, making Viper security the safest choice for custom-made, cost-effective security solutions. Calling upon our vast experience, we will advise you on appropriate measures to reduce any potential security breaches and provide you with that all important peace of mind, as well as managing your site risk profile.

We lead the way in remote, 24/7 monitored CCTV security systems, wireless Videofied systems and we offer the UK’s leading range of stand-alone, integrated and versatile, mobile CCTV security solutions, all of which can be monitored in-house.

Contact us for a quote and let Viper Security give you the peace of mind that your commercial premises or building site is kept secure, allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand.

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