Howler Wireless Fire Alarms and PIR Construction Lighting

Howler Fire Alarm Systems

Your business is your livelihood. Viper Security’s reputation has been built on providing a high levels of service and providing a personal touch on every project, one of the keys to our company success is our loyal clients that we have established in the United Kingdom. We specialise in the following security services for many industries including:

  • Private Residential Homes
  • Construction Sites and Demolition Sites.
  • Events and High Profile Concerts.
  • Retail Outlets and Shopping Districts.
  • Utility and Power Sector inc Rail.
  • Factory Units and Warehouses.
  • Haulage and Transport Sites.
  • Vehicle Retailers/Storage.
  • Schools, Hospitals and other Council Establishments.

Wireless PIR Construction Lighting

This is our Viper Security Ultra Bright Spotlight that has a massive 300 lumens, it is perfect for lighting driveways, compounds, construction site cabin areas, gardens and walkways. Very useful for plant areas at night and a fantastic security light for outbuildings. There can be little doubt that one of the most effective ways of protecting a property is with the installation of outdoor security lighting. While at one time it seemed that only commercial premises used this method of deterrent, many householders have now realised the benefits that construction site security lighting can bring in the fight to keep their homes and families secure.

Product Features
security checklist Ultra bright LED’s with minimum power consumption, 300 Lumens. Making this one of the brightest wireless spotlights on the market (including solar).
security checklist Motion sensor turns LED spotlight on and off automatically, giving you bright light wherever you need it.
security checklist Ultra Bright SpotLight will only turn on when both motion and darkness is detected.
security checklist Perfect outdoor lighting in any climate. This dual LED spotlight features a weatherproof design for durability and reliable function
security checklist Simple wireless installation in minutes, no need to hire an electrician. Mounting hardware included.
security checklist This LED light provides 37 square metres of coverage, battery operated by four D-Cell batteries.

ou can enhance safety and security around your home with outdoor security lights being the perfect choice for entrances, side passages, sheds and outbuildings. Most with built-in PIR sensors, these products are activated by heat and movement, emitting a bright pool of light that will help to deter intruders or light the way as you return home at night.

Whether you’re looking to give your home added security or create a cosy space for entertaining after the sun goes down, there is a large range of outdoor lighting solutions to meet your every need.

wireless pir construction lighting

For the ultimate in energy efficient security lighting there are now an increasing number of LED security lights available. Ultra efficient security lights don’t have to cost the earth


Howler Freelink Systems

No Strings Attached wireless fire and smoke detection

howler freelink logo
Cables for linking temporary fire alarms on construction sites have long been a source of frustration and headaches for the site management and installers alike. Installing the cables in the first place is one thing, but keeping them in place as the work progresses is even more challenging.

So the Howler Freelink radio link system is proving a popular beast.

Whilst externally the new Freelink is almost indistinguishable from its hard wired cousin, the internal organs have all been modified – and most importantly, it has not tail. Up to 30 Howlers can be linked together, all communicating with a Freelink Control Panel, which is the brains of the family. The panel can tell you:


  • exactly which Howler has been activated
  • who is running low on battery power
  • if anyone has become disconnected
  • and, of course, it has a test function to facilitate a quick weekly test procedure


The Howler freelink also has the ability to pass the message along the line, which greatly increases the overall area which can be covered, since they do not all have to be within range of the control panel.

All this may sound technical, but the best news of all is that any monkey could install this kit. You don’t need a laptop or any special gear, nor, indeed any special qualifications. If you can operate your mobile phone, you could install the Howler Freelink System.

The core strengths of the Howler alarms are carried forward in this fresh development – tough, reliable and simple to use. After all our clients have helped design the system, and they know what they want.

So… What’s Included?

Each Howler Alarm System comes complete with the following parts for controllability and convenience:

howler panel howler alarm howler bracket

  • Sits in the site office.
  • Comes with an RF antenna.
  • Battery or mains powered.
  • Test / pinpoint  indication / low battery / facility.
  • Takes up to x30 howler units.


  • No cables or wires.
  • Uses RF technology.
  • Battery operated.
  • Red strobe / siren.
  • Press ONE , ALL go !…
  • Push button on /off.
  • Can be used to affix howler fire call point units and site signage.
  • Easy to transport around site.
  • Comes with slot for fire extinguishers (not supplied)

Check out this case study here.

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