Professional Security Company Services

Security Palisade Fencing UK

security services palisade fencing prestonPalisade Security Fencing offers a very high level of security at an affordable cost. Recommended for standard and medium security, Palisade Fencing also provides a neat and attractive solution with long term weather resistance. Palisade Fencing is used extensively by local authorities and business parks as the ideal visual barrier system against intruders, ensuring safety as well as peace of mind.

Barrier Systems England

security services barrier systems ukViper Security Services has over 15 years experience in providing security systems to the businesses and organisations of the UK. In this time we have dealt with many manufacturers of security barriers, car park systems and gates, so we know exactly where to source the best equipment for the job in hand. Our teams take pride in offering a service of the highest standard. Working with us gives you access to some of the most experienced people within the security industry.

Key Holding England

security services key holding burnleyViper Security key holding service can not only eliminate the inconvenience of false alarm activations but also assist you in exercising your duty of care to your employees by removing the physical risk they may face as the result of genuine activation. In accordance with BS7984 requirements. Viper Security will act as your primary key holder and respond to alarm activations, on your behalf, to secure your premises as quickly as possible.

Cash Handling UK

security services cash handling englandWe specialise in cash handling for all types of events such as business and retail parks, shopping malls, sports events, concerts and arenas. We provide specialist staff with secure vehicles to safely transport your cash to its destination.


PIR Detector Services UK

security services pir detector clitheroeViper Security Services offer a wide range of PIR (passive infra red) detectors. Costing less than traditional solutions this service offers a range of powerful and innovative features and will meet requirements of the most demanding CCTV and security applications.


CCTV Installations England

security services wireless cctv prestonViper Security Services is the leading provider of CCTV monitoring services. With a national workforce of highly trained and SIA licenced operators engaged on contracts designed to enure the protection of your premises. The need for 24 hour ongoing surveillance systems has never been greater. Certain items are too valuable to be left unwatched without a deterrent against crime. With a 24 hour surveillance system in place, anyone looking to commit a crime will instantly be deterred from doing so. Video systems are the perfect way to protect against problems and Viper Security has been handling surveillance systems throughout the UK for a number of years.

Intruder Alarms UK

security services intruder alarms chorleyProtect your family, your home, your business that has taken years to build up, your independence or your treasured memories. By installing a Viper Security burglar alarm you can help protect those things that are most precious to you.

Viper Security burglar alarms use the latest technology and are fully monitored by our security professionals day and night, 365 days a year. With a Viper Security burglar alarm you can relax knowing that if an intruder sets off your alarm it won’t be ignored.

Wireless Alarms England

security services wireless alarms lancashireOur alarm systems cater for void properties, construction and house building sites, where there may be a risk to the security of the sites. Wireless CCTV alarms are very easy to maintain, very easy to install, adjust and relocate when you need to. All cameras can be monitored remotely at our secure location, as can our wireless alarms.

We can also provide personal emergency alarms which are effective for offering peace of mind in different circumstances such as staff who might work alone. It is often implemented by companies as a health and safety measure.

Rapid Response Teams England

security services rapid response lancashireRapid Response Security teams are on call and ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This removes the need for your own staff to be on call, or to deal with expensive police callout charges. Our security officers can respond and react to false alarms as well as any genuine breach of security.

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