How to improve construction site security throughout the winter months

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It is a necessity to ensure that your commerical construction site security is optimized all year-round, many sitemanagers or plot owners will tend to assume that the same solutions can be used effectively throughout the year, often failing to manage both weather and seasonal changes necessary to protect their construction sites during the coldeer, darker winter months within the United Kingdom.

Building site security is vital in running a smooth operation. Any delays or accidents on construction sites, resulting from acts of theft and vandalism could lead to loss of credibility and trust; possibly resulting in a loss of future business. In addition, incidents on site may mean that the HSE need to be informed, which can also impact corporate reputation.

Here we  have listed some key security measure you should look to improve immediately in order to ensure the integrity and safeguard your site this winter.

Construction Site Security Lighting

Winter is here – the days are getting shorter and before you know it, it’s dark outside, which is why you need to ensure that your construction site lighting is highly efficient. Opportunistic thieves or vandals are more likely to operate in the winter months due to the dark nights and the belief that they are less likely to be noticed or caught. Poor lighting can, therefore, seriously affect how successful your onsite CCTV is able to perform, opening you up to a myriad of potential threats.

Weather-Proof CCTV Cameras

A good CCTV security system should be able to handle any kind of weather or security situation that is thrown at it, this is particulary important during winter months when the harsh weather can be highly unpredictable. One minute it’s pouring down with torrential rain, the next minute there is strong, gale-force winds – you just never know what’s coming here in the United Kingdom. As a consequence, investing in a versatile CCTV camera system which would be able to withstand heavy downpours, strong winds and even snow, is vital if you want to protect your construction site all year-round.

In addition to this, ensuring your CCTV security cameras are properly covered, e.g. in a cage or shielded box, can help in guarding cables, wires, lenses and other security equipment from weather damage, disconnection or theft. Carefully positioned Videofied cameras are another useful type of security measure for use within the winter period. If intruders attempt to enter you construction site, via your main entrance or any other way the wireless Videofied security cameras will detect their presence. film and notify your UK based security monitoring station of the danger and the reality of the intrusion, this is in our opinion essential whilst some construction companies shut down operations due tyo unforseen weather, without notice on any given day, when there would normally be staff on site and opportunistic thieves may be monitoring your site for opportunities.

Basic Security Checks by a Manned-Guard Team

It may appear very straight-forward but it is extremley important to convey that all site perimeter fences, walls and gates should be checked regularly to ensure that things have not been damaged and that your construction site has been compromised or left vulnerable. Very powerful weather or gale-force winds can cause perimeter fencing or temporary walls to loosen or fall, thus opening your site up to trespassers, unwanted intruders, and opportunistic thieves while a heavy downpour of rain could potentially shift important items or building materials, which could result in on-going construction site problems for both you and your clients. Our manned guards can offer periodic site checks every day of the year and can alert you to any security breaches or damaged fences etc.

If you try and follow these 3 simple steps, there should be no reason why you can’t enjoy the winter season with the peace of mind, knowing that your construction site is being protected from whatever mother nature throws at it!

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