Eco-friendly & Solar Powered CCTV Systems

It’s hard to ignore that we are living in an eco-friendly world, whether it’s at home, the office or if you’re aiming to be a carbon neutral business, your choices of security solutions are essential. In 2018 the security industry is not widely known for leading the way in eco-friendly or ‘green’ technology. Have you ever asked yourself… Could you maintain your businesses security, without harming the environment? – Well… The answer is that you can!

When it comes to disposing of old equipment and updating your new security systems or remote monitoring stations, it is vital that you consider the environmental impact that this has on your planet. As you may be unaware, check if the supplier of your equipment is ‘WEEE’ compliant and make the most of the recycling services they might offer.

In recent years, numerous advances in technology within the security industry are beginning to gain momentum in achieving the ultimate goal of environmentally-friendly security.

A very popular eco friendly cctv system is our Videofied system that uses ultra low-energy battery technology. The Videofied CCTV system has several advantages and unique features that reduce it’s overall environmental impact:

  1. Motion activation reduces the unit’s energy usage – The Videofied system only draws  on any stored power when it needs to.
  2. The Videofied CCTV system is completely wireless – This means that zero time, and energy or materials are spent on digging trenches for power cables or altering of the interior of buildings.
  3. Once the Videofied system is activated by an intruder or thief, a short recording is sent to a monitoring station who will check the video in its entirety and then the monitoring staff will only send out a manned guard patrol or alert you directly if it is a genuine call, thus reducing false alarms, call outs and the expense involved. Traditional CCTV security systems would mean that someone would usually have had to travel to the business premises or construction site for every single security alert, but the Videofied system ensures that the journeys are essential ones only, in turn reducing your overall carbon footprint whilst reducing costs but without compromising on security.

Today, there is a burglary every 2 minutes, and that’s not counting robberies and hold-ups! Don’t wait for crooks to break your doors and windows: the Videofied system protects and deters BEFORE the break-in occurs!

If intruders attempt to enter your property via your yard, terrace or garden, Videofied security cameras will detect their presence, film them and notify your UK security monitoring station of the danger and the reality of the intrusion – All without the need of heavy machinery, constant power and hefty bill at the end of the installation, it’s much more eco-friendly all round!

If you wanted to install a renewable energy solution, then solar powered CCTV could be the answer for all types of security systems – including CCTV and intruder alarms. If you are eco-conscious… specially designed solar panels can be linked to your security installation, providing a more sustainable way of powering your security cameras and devices on-site.

There are many different ways to reduce your carbon footprint and security energy costs without compromising your site security and the integrity of your business premises, so why not give us a call or drop us an email to find out more information on eco-freindly and solar powered solutions for your home or business?

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