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Are you looking for a security company in Manchester or security guards in manchester for your business? Consider this: there are many different aspects to health and safety inside the workplace in today’s current climate. Now is the time to consider manned guarding for you business if you are based in Manchester or its surrounding areas. We offer professional security services throughout the north west and we cover a number of areas including Salford, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Altrincham and Bolton to name a few.

The Benefits of Security Guards in Manchester

Do you think that this service is only relevant for those in need of security guards in Manchester or in other big cities? Well, we’re sorry to say this, but you are incorrect. Workplaces all over the United Kingdom and north-west of England including Greater Manchester especially, are being targeted by sustained criminal activity on a daily basis, this means that professional manned guarding has become all but a necessity to those individuals looking to protect their companies, retail premises or construction sites.

Having manned guarding or ‘security personnel’ on-site means that you will have someone monitoring and handling any problems or criminal activity every day around the clock. It’s well known that manned guarding in a shop or retail environment, for example, helps to prevent a huge amount of petty theft – as well as making staff and management feel more secure.

In most workplaces, the greatest benefit manned guarding can offer is providing this sense of security. The knowledge that a trained professional is available to call on for help in difficult situations will make customers and employees feel safer and happier in the business environment.

Viper Watch Security Guard Services Officers are trained to the highest of standards in many areas including first aid, emergency lift procedures and fire prevention. We would consider ourselves the number one security guards in Manchester. Our ongoing professional training, vast local knowledge and contacts combined with the fact that many of our officers have a military background helps us to provide a complete security package for any business in the greater Manchester area.

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What Kind of Manned Guarding Do I Need For My Business?

Manned guarding is categorized into two types: the basic security guard who provides a presence on site 9am – 5pm with the minimum training required by law and then the highly trained security guard, on site 24 hours a day, skilled at dealing with any situation that may arise. What you need for your individual workplace depends on the nature of your business or the needs of your premesis or site. In this case it is advisable to consult with a professional security firm on what manned guarding they can provide you with. For example if you own a business or you are responsible for security and require construction site security in Oldham or if you own retail premises and may need advice with business security in Bury, and need a permanent security officer, we can help!

What Kind of Power Do Security Guards Have in the UK?

If you decide to implement a manned guarding program in the workplace, you must always remember one important element: security guards are not the police. Security guards do not have any more legal powers that of the general public or any staff member. In a retail environment, security guards are allowed to detain shoplifters and use a ‘reasonable’ amount of force if there are ‘reasonable grounds’ to believe they have stolen something, and the same applies to security in any working environment.

Anyone providing a manned guarding service in Manchester or working as a security guard must always be fully licensed and checked by the Security Industry Authority. The SIA acts as a licensing body which oversees training standards and manages an Approved Contractor scheme. It is a criminal offence to work as a security guard without a SIA licence.

At Viper Security we work with and are trusted by a number of companies throughout the north west including Oldham, Salford, Stockport, Bolton, Rochdale, Blackrod, Altrincham and Bury to name a few. If you are in need of our advice or services, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contacts page for a free, no-obligation quote for security services in your area.

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