5 Ways To Improve Your Business Security

Businesses today face a myriad of different security threats, The Crime Against Businesses: 2015 Commercial Victimization Survey exposed the following points:

  • 21% of construction sites.
  • Vandalism and theft were among the most common types of criminal activity experienced by the agricultural industry.
  • In the retail and wholesale sectors, with shoplifting being a prominent problem, there were 8,862 incidents per every 1000 business premises.

These worrying statistics give not only a small insight into the variation in crimes suffered by businesses but they also highlight the levels of crime that are currently being experienced in the United Kingdom. We have compiled a top ten list of ways to improve your own business security, whatever the nature of your business category, site location or it’s size!

  1. Review your security technology regularly

    This can be something your contracted security installer can help with. Innovation in the security sector is continually progressing and therefore there might be another item available that could upgrade your security and offer your business further advantages.

    Obviously, there is little doubt that a cost in redesigning your security framework, so you should survey and investigate how financially viable it might be. Keeping informed of new security  innovations will help you to settle on your choice of re-addressing your security measures when the time is correct.

  2. Make your security objectives clear and simple

    With your security system, in mind, make sure you are clear on what you would like to achieve . Would you like to oversee and monitor the flow of people and customers to and from your construction site or commercial premises? Do you require a number plate recognition technology or facial recognition? Do you need high definition wireless CCTV cameras that can be positioned remotely but still monitored?

  3. Try to consider any seasonal changes to your site or premises

    It is a necessity to ensure that your business premises or commercial construction site security is optimized all year-round, many site managers or plot owners will tend to assume that the same solutions can be used effectively throughout the year, often failing to manage both weather and seasonal changes necessary to protect their construction sites during the colder, darker winter months within the United Kingdom.

    Building site security is vital in running a smooth operation. Any delays or accidents on construction sites, resulting from acts of theft and vandalism could lead to loss of credibility and trust; possibly resulting in a loss of future business. In addition, incidents on site may mean that the HSE need to be informed, which can also impact corporate reputation. You can read more abot this in our previous post here.

  4. Make use of signage to deter any opportunistic criminals

    A traditional yet effective deterrent to many opportunistic thieves or criminals from your business premises or construction site is displaying both security and CCTV signage in and around site. Although the red, yellow and black signs that we’re all familiar with are a legal requirement, we would also highly recommend displaying signs stating that your CCTV is being monitored live by security professionals as an extra security measure and deterrent. Signs like these can be provided by Viper Security.

  5. Be wary of what types of information you share

    An extremely important factor for an business: check what information you’re actually sharing to the outside world. Does your out-of-office state that your business will be closed for a specified period? This could be a clue to opportunistic thieves that your business is unoccupied and vulnerable.


For more information on protecting your construction site, please contact Viper Security for a free quote at: 01254 406 889.

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